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Aloha~ I did this a little while back, but I'm gonna shake things up this time 'round. :)

(almost) Twenty-five-year-old Australian girl. Full-time Uni student (undertaking a double major in Creative Writing & French, and also a concurrent Diploma of Languages in German).

I've been on LJ since 2002, when I was a fresh-faced sixteen-year-old. I was very much into the Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings fandom at that point, and it isn't until quite recently that my LJ has become a place for me to actually talk about my life and my aspirations, and to vent about things that frustrate me. I used to think that posting about fandom was the best way to make friends on LJ. Whilst I still think this is true in some aspects, I'm not looking for someone who will only interact with my fandom posts. I would like to develop a rapport with the people that I add to my journal; after all, we're allowing one another to view our most private thoughts. ;)

  • I still post a fair bit about my fandoms (Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings, Game of Thrones). If you're not into fandoms, that is totally cool with me. :) Just be aware that sometimes my journal can be full of nonsensical ramblings about movies/television shows. I try to keep the fangirling to a minimum, but every now and then she rears her head. ;P

  • I post a lot about my everyday life, which can sometimes include stuff about my family and some of my close friends. More often than not, I try to keep posts about IRL friends to a minimum (after all, my journal is about me, not about them), but you will often find posts regarding my family. My mother is the eldest of eight children, and I have sixteen cousins on her side of the family. So, yeah, a post about my family is unavoidable, as I've grown up around them. :) :) I also spend a lot of time thinking and over-thinking things, and sometimes ranting about the aforementioned things. If you're offended by rants, please don't add me. I tend to get pretty heated sometimes, and usually once I've said my piece I pretty much just move on. But yeah, if you feel like that's something you might like to avoid, I would suggest not adding me. ;)

  • I'm learning both French and German at the moment, so sometimes I try to write posts in either language (more so French at the moment, as I have more learning experience with it). Please don't feel like you're being excluded from a post if and when it's written in a language you can't understand. I don't generally write anything of particular importance when I write in French. My vocabulary is somewhat limited at the moment. :P It's just so that I can practice and put to use some of what I am learning. :)

  • I have two cats that I adore beyond words. ♥ So I often update about them, and sometimes even post pictures. :) :)

  • I adore books, and up until recently I worked in a bookstore (long story, but basically lost my job because the company I worked for went bankrupt). I much prefer horror and sci-fi/fantasy books, but I'm also pretty keen on literature and young adult. Some of my favourite authors are: Stephen King, J.K. Rowling, J.R.R. Tolkien, Charlaine Harris (guilty pleasure), Poppy Z Brite, Markus Zusak, and Emily Bronte. I'm also currently reading the A Song of Ice and Fire series, and I quite like it. So, I guess you could add George R. R. Martin to the list. :)

  • I believe that human beings are all equal, regardless of sexual preference, gender, ethnicity, or religious practice, and it really gets my goat when someone says otherwise (be it a religious faction or an individual). I consider myself a panthiest and a humanitarian. I respect people who have faith and practice it regularly, but I don't always agree with religion. Also, if you're racist, homophobic, or don't believe in equality, we probably wont get along at all. ;( We're all human beings. Peace, love, and happiness. ;P

  • Creativity, hell yeah! :) I like photography. I'm not amazing at it or anything like that. I tend to take more pictures of my cats than anything else. But I do try to get out and photograph stuff if I can. Sometimes I like to post those pictures on my journal. :) I tried to get into painting once, but the paintbrush bit me. D: I also do a little bit of writing. Every now and then I might post some of it to my writing community. I tend to be a little bit self-conscious about my writing, though. So if you're willing to offer concrit, you're my best friend. Anything other than makes me a sad panda. D:

  • I'm also a little bit odd. I have a really whacky sense of humour (I blame Monty Python for that). I've often thought that my brain works very much like a movie reel, in the sense that everything in my life turns into a ridiculous scenario. If you've ever seen Scrubs, J.D. is pretty much the epitome of the way my brain works.

    I think that is pretty much it, in terms of the basics...? If you have any questions, feel free to ask. :) Also...

    Please don't add me if...

  • You rarely update.
  • You're never ever going to comment.
  • You think the fact I'm scared of bananas is hilarious, and you would chase me around my house with one. (GRR!)
  • Your posts are always negative. D: Sunshine, lollipops and rainbows, k? ;)
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