Eldrid (lokechild) wrote in add_me,

I've done this a few times, and feel like doing it again. As everybody's stated, I've met a few fantastic people through this community!

I'm 31, Canadian, female, in a relationship, owned by a cat, love all animals, a nature lover, a Pagan (currently trying to find a set path), retail slave, currently trying to find another job, and I love the internet far too much.

I like video games, though I never play them anymore as I'm far too addicted to the internet. Though, I just finished playing Mario Smash Bros., which was fun. Hee :) I love to read when I make the time, and into beading, knitting and trying to teach myself to crochet now. I also like to scribble on canvas with oil pastels or crayons, or whatever else suits my fancy. I have a whole crap load of clay in the Dungeon that I need to work on, as well. Again, all of this I do rarely. Internet DOES take up most of the time.

The bf and I do watch tv on dvd or through netflix. We enjoy Lie to Me, Big Bang Theory, True Blood, Bones, Angel, Buffy, Jekyll, Sons of Anarchy, House and... god I'm forgetting a ton more, I'm sure.

I am currently working on two novels 'Push the Limits', and another one that I just started so doesn't have a name yet. The first one is urban fanstasy, involving wereleopards warring with your cliche werewolves. However it does have a political slant to it. I do comment from time to time, and also have a writing filter so if you add and want on, lemme know.

I post rants. I do have a tendency for emo posts, but that's because there's really not too much happiness going on in my life right now. I do post my thoughts and feelings on a wide spectrum of topics, and I try to be fairly constructed and organized. However, I am very random at the best of times, so it can be all over the place. :) I do balance it out though. Or try to.

I like watching youtube vids. I don't read a lot of newspapers or news sites, so half the time I haven't got a clue what the biggest top stories are, unless my flist is talking about it.

I listen to tons of music and post youtubs vids and the occasional meme.

I have made a few Public entries so if you want to know what my personality is like, feel free to peruse. :)

However, if you're a hater or hate the gay community in any way, don't bother friending. Likewise if you're racist.

Also, don't just add me. Comment to let me know you're adding!

<3 Cheers

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