lena (foolstreet) wrote in add_me,

hi there

hi, my name is lena, I'm 22 and currently live in vienna. I used to be in lj for years but took a hiatus until a few days ago.
I'm a screenplay-writer and spent the last year in berlin where I hope to get a college spot this coming fall...
I love to travel and get around a lot, it's hard for me to stand still...
I love movies, obviously, I sing and play the guitar, I'm politically active and my life alltogether is a huge chaos.
I'm romantically confused above all and stuck in a pretty weird phase of my life now anyway... you can read all that on my journal if you decide to add me ;)

I post a lot, about everything really... sometimes photos, film-, book- or music reviews, lyrics, texts, scene-drafts but also about stuff from my day.
I also read and comment, and I'm not here to get my friendscount to 1000 but to get to know a few people who really read what I write and vice versa...

dunno, reasons why you maybe don't want to add me, and if they bother you probably really shouldn't:
I'm not religious, I'm sort of a socialist, I don't have any problem whatsoever with gays and I don't judge you by where you are from or what you look like...
I also don't have a problem if you are religious yourself, good for you, as long as you don't care that I'm not. ;)

for further information please see my profile ;)
If you want to add me, just do, and comment either here or on my journal :)

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