* Miss.Bunnie (missxbunnie) wrote in add_me,
* Miss.Bunnie

Miss Bunnie!

19. Fairy kei lover. Player of cute video games. Animal rights activist. Macaroni & cheese eater. Bad, bad student. Comic book reader. Sunglasses wearer. iPod listener. Messenger bag carrier. Nokia user. Cat owner. Girlfriend (*o*). Petticoat wearer. Long-distance jogger. Impulsive shopper. Junk food eater. Selectively extroverted. Always looking for batteries. Windows user. Spider fearer. Sugar junkie.

Likes: music, art art art, animanga, cute video games, self-discovery & self-improvement, fairy kei, sewing & DIY, photography, street fashion.

Currently watching: Rin: Daughters of Mnemosyne; One Piece
Currently playing (on NDS): Harvest Moon: Island of Happiness
Currently hooked on hearing: Gypsy & the Cat; Karnivool; Muse
Currently obsessed with eating: meiji biscuits, calpis soda


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