❥ Lia (surcous) wrote in add_me,
❥ Lia

'Ey der, folks.

I'm Lia. A basic unemployed, lazy, 19 year old university student majoring in design. I live in Canada, the western area. I am a night owl. I like long walks and white milk chocolate. I'm a nutty hockey lover, specifically a Canucklehead. I drink Coronas and Keith's when I can, coffee when I have to. Typography geek.

I watch Criminal Minds, Community, Modern Family, The Office, Misfits, How I Met Your Mother, and TLC. I love animated Disney/Pixar movies and the occasional Leonardo Dicaprio flick. My music taste is eclectic. I love anything from dupstep to country twang. Currently I'm digging Florence + The Machine, Nicki Minaj, The Strokes, Eminem, and various country artists.

I'm oblivious to whether or not I consider myself boring. That is to your discretion. My journal is new, and lacks any real substance. I amuse myself a lot, so maybe that's why. I'll add anyone, I don't bite, but I occasionally sharpen those pearly whites when I can. ;)

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