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Hello, Good Evening.

Hello, I'm 31, from Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK), have the Geordie accent and everything. Single, Engineer and I've been on LJ for years but recently deleted my old journal and decided to start a new journal for myself and people who dont actually know me in person. This way its more interesting and gives me something to talk about online with people I dont know and something to actually talk about with friends over a cup of earl grey.

I read alot. At the minute I am busy working my way through Bret Easton Ellis's (favourite author) books before I continue with Haruki Murakami and James Ellroy. I'm a big movie fan (top 5 - The Usual Suspects, The Prestige, Inception, Body Of Lies and......probably......Gladiator? Bourne? Leon? Aliens? I dunno). TV - Dexter, The Sopranos, In Treatment, Lie To Me, and Doug (the cartoon on Nickleodeon, pure genius). Music - Nine Inch Nails, Hole, The White Stripes, Tori Amos (who I have met at Hammersmith, kissed and hugged and have the photo to prove it), Massive Attack, The Cure, The Smiths, Ben Folds, Phil K, Sasha and Satoshi Tomiie.....allsorts. Random.

Also enjoy cycling, walking (especially by the coast), studying towards degree, driving, drawing, Playstation, F1, The NHL and loads of other stuff.

Random new LJ friends welcome and look forward to sharing posts and talking to some of you.



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