a_little_lamb (a_little_lamb) wrote in add_me,

Hi There!!
I'll just tell you a little bit about me, the rest you'll have to find out yourself :P

I'm a 24 years old girl (...woman... whatever!), I'm mexican, I'm a christian, I speak spanish, english and bad french, I'm a very random person as you'll surely find out; I sometimes feel like Abed from Community as I make pop culture references all the time, so this probably would work best if you have some knowledge of Star Trek, The Big Bang Theory, Harry Potter, StarKid Potter, and that's just from the top of my head I could go on all day:P 

Just check if we have some common interest to start up a conversation and we'll take it from there :D

Favorite Music: BarlowGirl, Needthobreathe, Gregory and the Hawk, Marc Anthony, Kings of Leon, Creed, Superchick, Soundtracks (Phantom of the Opera, Notre Dame de Paris, Starkid Productions I <3 them ;))

Favorite TV Shows: Star Trek, Merlin, Being Human, The Walking Dead, Community, The Big Bang Theory, Scrubs, Friends, Cougar Town.

Favorite Movies: Princes Bride, Willow, The Wrath of Khan, Boondock Saints,  an if the credits have the following combinations I'll surely watch them: Johnny Depp/Tim Burton, Simon Pegg/Nick Frost, Owen Wilson/Ben Stiller

Favorite Actors: Johnny Depp, Owen Wilson, Norman Reedus, Karl Urban, Colin Morgan, Simon Pegg, Joe Moses, Joe Walker, Joey Richter, Brian Holden

Favorite Actresses: Helena Bonham Carter, Lauren Lopez, Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams.


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