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Hi there!

Hello! I am Antimacassar, a teenage lover of Victorian history. Formerly on LJ only for the Sims fandom, I just recently created a personal journal for my musings and thoughts about everyday life.

I live in the Southwest part of the U.S. sadly, in a very un-Victorian house. I have Celiac Disease, which means I am on a strict gluten-free diet and deal with other medical issues. Kudos to anyone who actually knows what gluten is.
I am a growing Christian, but am perfectly tolerant of other beliefs. I would love a reasoned and orderly discussion, but please, no flaming. 

I like: costume dramas, reading, dry humor, writing, Victorian history, architecture, audiobooks, rainy days, wind, long walks, my angelic cat, excessive use of exclamation points

I dislike: doctors, people who lecture me about health, needles, taxidermy, heights

Nice to meet you ;)

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