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If life ain't just a joke, then why are we laughing?

 Hello! Just expanding my friend list a bit, hopefully. :)

Name's Stephanie, I'm 18 years young. Pre-med right now but possibly switching to either psychology (children/teen psychologist) or computer science/graphic design (video game designer, possibly director of photography for films or music videos). 

I have a few passions, such as art, music, writing, my friends, getting closer to God, and meeting new people.

I have been called insane several times...and proud of each accusation. Life's too short to be anything but crazily yourself! I literally have no box. I will get up in yo face and scream! Jk, that was weird. 

I am obsessed with My Chemical Romance. They are the best band on the planet. Gerard Way is my hero. 

Music and coffee make the world go round. I love all sorts of music. Everything from rock to rap (the good kind) to dubstep. I must draw the line at heavy metal though; not a fan of that. 

My journal is basically bitching, giving/asking advice, and a few random posts. I also love commenting on all of y'all's journals too. So don't worry, I'll be an active friend!

I don't really know what else to say, but I'm sure we could get to know each other and be best friends for life. Just kidding. But ya never know! ;D 

Add me, beautifuls! :)

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