Alex (itallfalllsdown) wrote in add_me,

Hello my name is Sarah, I grew up in the middle of ignorance deep in a gossip ridden little town, somewhere in the franglish depths of Quebec.

I guess I'm supposed to describe myself so you feel some sort of connection other then the one making your internet function.. I'm an artist, I play a lot of video games, right now I'm playing l.a. noire and witcher 2, I love film new old, foreign, american.. but thats an over statement in a way, I hate americanized romantic comedies.. or rom coms as  was lucky to be provided with such imperative information the other day. I read a lot of comic books, Transmetropolitan and Y the Last Man were the last two I finished, Warren Ellis is probably my favorite comic book writer, I listen to a lot of music, I used to work at a music store so I've gotten into the habit of researching bands like a mad man.. If I didn't have a boyfriend I would be a complete shut in.. or maybe less so.

I'm restarting this journal becuase I need somewhere to write, currently I cannot sleep.. the children in my closet are crying to loud for me to drift away and if I turn on music to drown out their voices the minotaur in my other closet may wake and try to escape once more.. sometimes its hard to find a proper balance in life.

if you aren't freaked out or disgusted at this point.. add me. if you are then your probably not reading this.. unless your a masochist and you enjoy being disgusted and yet your ashamed to admit it? its ok.. I'm here to support you.

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