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itallfalllsdown in add_me

Hello my name is Sarah, I grew up in the middle of ignorance deep in a gossip ridden little town, somewhere in the franglish depths of Quebec.

I guess I'm supposed to describe myself so you feel some sort of connection other then the one making your internet function.. I'm an artist, I play a lot of video games, right now I'm playing l.a. noire and witcher 2, I love film new old, foreign, american.. but thats an over statement in a way, I hate americanized romantic comedies.. or rom coms as  was lucky to be provided with such imperative information the other day. I read a lot of comic books, Transmetropolitan and Y the Last Man were the last two I finished, Warren Ellis is probably my favorite comic book writer, I listen to a lot of music, I used to work at a music store so I've gotten into the habit of researching bands like a mad man.. If I didn't have a boyfriend I would be a complete shut in.. or maybe less so.

I'm restarting this journal becuase I need somewhere to write, currently I cannot sleep.. the children in my closet are crying to loud for me to drift away and if I turn on music to drown out their voices the minotaur in my other closet may wake and try to escape once more.. sometimes its hard to find a proper balance in life.

if you aren't freaked out or disgusted at this point.. add me. if you are then your probably not reading this.. unless your a masochist and you enjoy being disgusted and yet your ashamed to admit it? its ok.. I'm here to support you.


Is there a proper balance to life perhaps so..alas i have never come across it..in all my years, nor do i really want to look for it either..i have not freaked out or become disgusted as i reached the bottom of your scribble across the keys of what ever machine you sit before,as for the masochist..well are we not all in some form..the Minotaur..sounds interesting
Your writing is good you should do it more often....good luck...
a proper balance is your own creation, only your own can work for you but proper balance isn't always enjoyable nor is is always obtainable. and yes we are all masochists, some more so then others, some more psychically and others more mentally. and thank you, if only i could properly convey my messages in words..

July 2022



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