Alex (itallfalllsdown) wrote in add_me,

 Hi, my names sarah and I'm 21.

I'm an artist..

I write about my own philosophy and views in life, I don't drone on about my days because honestly, you may not care, but I care less.

I love video games, movies, art, food, porn, opinionated people, long boarding, comic books, sleep..
piles and piles of stuff.

I need more people on my journal who aren't teen aged kids who drone on about how there bored and the events in their life that are dire for them to be able to go on..

You'll like me... or you'll hate me, theres no in between.

so add me and find out..
I've actually in these last few minutes just decided that I want to start writing dating profiles for people, 5 dollars a profile, come on people, jump on my band wagon, get yourself a mate.

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