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stranger danger!

Look, I’m really not cool. Not even internet cool. I got my first tumblr and twitter today, because hey, what’s 2011 for if it isn’t catch up time? I play on play-by-post roleplay forums. I catch up with bee’s knees tunes about six months (or a year) after they’ve reached blow-up status, but I love to read things on Pitchforkmedia.com and a few other choice music blogs, because it’s album reviews that I like – not “This is a trip-hop track that will appeal to those liking atonality.” (Er, I’m not sure trip-hop can be atonal.) I like dresses! I read comics and web-comics and good ol' books. A few favorites: The Last Samurai, Helen Dewitt (nothing to do with Tom Cruise, promise!); The Book of Flying, Keith Miller; The Last Unicorn, Peter S. Beagle. I'm a morning person.

I am frivolous but seriously interested in doing the right thing.

My name’s Sophie. Here and here are old introductions; I wasn’t feeling the old magic today. This whole thing sounds bitter, but I promise, I’m not. I just graduated from college with a liberal arts degree in Philosophy. (Hence the bitter-sound? Nah. Truly, I love my major, and will pursue it at the master’s level, at the very least.) I can make a mean chicken marinade with a little white wine and rosemary. I can quote, from memory, one poem – “When I Was A Young Man, Peter S. Beagle, lodged in The Last Unicorn somewhere – and I am working on more.

And I'd like to be friends.

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