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Back for more :)

I recently posted in here and found a lot of great new friends, so I'm back for more! My name is Bobbi and after a long hiatus from LJ I decided to start fresh. I'm a 21 year old female from the south east. I have a pretty complicated life, but if you have anything in common with me, or think my life could be interesting, feel free to add me!

+ Lesbian
+ Sorority girl
+ Super-motivated to live life to the fullest
+ Education major (current)
+ hoping to be a Speech pathology grad student soon
+ (Very involved) Older sister of an autistic girl
+ Planning a wedding for the somewhat distant future (3 years)
+ Romantic comedy enthusiast (I can't watch horror movies, honestly).
+ Printed poet
+ Very open minded and ultra motivated
+ Currently going through a last-minute move and messy family issues
+ Very optimistic... atleast in person, but a realist at heart (which is conveyed in my entries)
+ I post pretty much every day, but I tend to pick topics instead of describing my day in detail (for instance, I'll talk about grad school complications, or developments in the wedding plans, but not about what I had to eat for lunch).
+ I'm an avid commenter, especially if someone wants advice or suggestions.

Two quotes that sum my perspective on life up:
"It's never too late to be what you might have been" - George Elliot
"It's twice as hard to do something as a pessimist than as an optimist. It's much harder to get things done when you expect everything to go awry, than when you take things as they come and expect the best."

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