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21 | Miami, Florida, USA | Female | Single
According to my zodiac sign I am represented by three things; The Scorpion, The Eagle, and The Phoenix. I was born the year of the Snake and speak English, Spanish, and Sarcasm fluently. I am obsessed with 'The Spill Canvas', I love each and every one of their songs. I read books more than anything, and yes I am a Potterhead. I am like a volcano not far under the surface of a calm sea, I might burst into eruption at any time. I am deeply sensitive and easily hurt. I am the type of person who has a seriously ferocious kind of anger. It is said that I am the protagonist in a tragic, "star-crossed lovers" kind of romance; and its true, my love life is a series of crash and burns with the same person. I frequently quote William Shakespeare and Edgar Allan Poe, two men and writers I admire Wholeheartedly. You will most likely find me at a get-together, in the company of the same friends, dancing provocatively, drinking either a Budweiser, Vodka/Cranberry, or a straight shot of Tequila or Rum. I am a fierce believer in unconditional love and friendship. It is the contradictions, the emotional baggage, the discrepansies that make me who I am. I am the master of change, yet always stay constant.I know how to exist only one way; right in the middle of chaos, and just the right song playing in the background.

Alexandra Magdalena Castillo Sanchez,
but you can just call me "Ale" or "Alex" :)

It's always better if we have:
+Common Interests
+Mutual Friends
+Mutual Communities


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