daisy1028 (daisy1028) wrote in add_me,

A little bit about me...
  • Writing in here makes me feel like I'm being put on the spot, which I hate because I have social anxiety issues
  • I'm 24 but feel as though I'm a lot older than that. And by that I mean falling asleep on my couch around 830pm..lol..I swear I can fun and not totally lame!
  • I love Halloween
  • I have a few tattoos and am ready for some more. I believe tattoos are so main stream now a days that they should be allowed in the workplace.
  • I have more acquaintances in real life than actual friends..I keep making myself sound really lame but I swear I'm not. I'm just shy in real life!!
  • I do have a very good/funny/raunchy sense of humor. It really takes a lot to offend me. Nothing every really offends me.
  • I'm a total klutz
  • I'm obsessed with Twilight!!
  • I love True Blood
  • True Blood and Twilight are the only vampire related things i'm actually into. Even though I hear Vampire Diaries is a really good show.
  • I prefer night time over day time
  • I love the smell of the air during the summer time right after a good thunder/lightning storm!
There is a lot more to me than this but to be honest I'm just tired of staring at my computer!!

Feel free to add me...take care everyone who is reading this!!!

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