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Sam ϟ

why, hello there. . .

Samantha. 26. Japan

In 2010, I was just your average California girl who was having a great time in Japan. In the same year I met my boyfriend who quickly turned into my hubby after we discovered I was preggers! Was crazy enough to marry a man I've only known for 3 months, but with the crazy divorce rate I figured we may be screwed either way, no matter how long we've known each other. Now we live in Chiba with our little girl about 4 houses away from my mother-in-law's house. Fun times!!!

You will see/read the following:

My 3 month old daughter, Amaya. I will write about her. A lot. There. I admit it.
My love/hate relationship with Japan
My life in japan as a foreigner
Whatever I fancy at the moment
...and mommyhood

Journal is Friends only, so, if I tickled your curiosity and wish to be added, just comment over here so I can add you.

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