Minaal (Judd) (bendmyfire) wrote in add_me,
Minaal (Judd)


Just so there is no confusion, I have in fact, posted before.


I'm Minaali. Seventeen years old next week and from sunny Sri Lanka. In love with photography, cricket, travel, Harry Potter & the British pop band McFly. I guess you could say I'm not exactly the most 'normal' person around, but I mean that in the most positive way, I assure you. 

My journal is a record of my teenage life, to prove, that at some point, minaali/bendmyfire actually existed. It is also to laugh at myself when mature, adult me looks at them some time far far far into the future. I'm not going to lie, most of my entries revolve around my interests & whatever is going on in my life at that point. This means a lot of cricket, music, photography, design and of course the long rants about school, family & friends that you tend to get from a sixteen year old. Hopefully, I am interesting enough for you to add.

As an LJ friend, I read all my friends entries every day and comment maybe 90% of the time? (Somedays when I'm busy, I just skim through the page) So, if anyone thinks that I sound interesting enough, please add me and comment either here or on my f/o post because I am currently lacking more than a few active friends. ♥

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