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!) I want to learn french. And spanish.
@) All Time Low, Pixie Lott and Colbie Caillat sound NOTHING alike, but I listen to them religiously.
#) If things ever start going right, I'm pretty sure I'd die of shock.
$) The next person to imply (to my face) that God is testing me is going to get punched in the face. Your God might be an asshole, but mine isn't.
%) I can't find my digital camera. I miss her. :(
&) Most of the time, I have problems finishing what I start.
!) I can't stand marijuana. It smells (and tastes) disgusting.
@) I voted to legalize medical marijuana. But I know so many people that abuse it I would take back my vote if I could.
#) I want to learn guitar.
$) And maybe piano.
%) I'm not sinking, but I'm not swimming either. I am floating.
&) I want a fish filet from McDonalds.
*) Chicken nuggets sound good too.
!) I woke up yesterday and realized I have zero self-confidence. Somewhere along the way I complete lost it. Where and when did this happen?
@) I am completely thankful that facebook exists.
#) I am thankful that its allowed me to keep in touch with so many of my friends that I have gone years without seeing, which eventually leads to "hey we have to hang out again" and then actually doing it.
$) I love my co-workers at Target. They make work so much fun.
%) I really wish my college had Literature as an option for a major. But its not like I wanna teach, so what else could I do with that degree.
&) I am currently alternating the books I read. "Fahrenheit 451", and "The Picture of Dorian Gray"
*) I don't care how old I get, a part of me will always love boybands.
!) My style crushes are Alexa Chung, Sienna Miller, and Keira Knightley (why do English girls have such great style?)
@) I could not handle the responsibility of ever having a superpower.
#) As much as I am irritated by politics, I am equally fascinated.
$) I feel that voting should be mandatory. It is horrible that the US has one of the lowest voter turn-outs in the entire world.
%) My dream celebratory purchase after college is to buy a Burberry trench-coat, shoes or hand bag in an actual Burberry store.
&) I'm obsessed with perfume. Its equally important if not more so than an outfit.
*) Victoria's Secret was my first retail job.
!) NKOTBSB concert tomorrow.
@) It's good to stay in touch with your inner child.
#) I can measure years by a good song.
$) I hate the smell of popcorn, but love eating it.
%) Warped Tour in two weeks. :)
&) When people tell me to be positive I say "Okay...I am POSITIVE something will go wrong" lol
*) I have more makeup than necessary, but I always want to buy more.

Sound intriguing? Can you relate? Between the ages of 18-30? Add me. Religion, gender, sexual preference not important. Language sort of is, as I can only speak/read in English. Comment my posts once or twice a month so I know you're not just a lurker or someone adding me as a number. I'll return the favor. My profile page has more of my interests.

P.S. Yes..thats me in the profile pic.

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