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I'm Aubrey. I'm 25, very extroverted and I do my best to be a positive person.  I've been married now for 6 Months.  I joined LJ in 2006 because I thought I was going to be an awesome icon maker....Which did not pan out. So instead I found awesome communities and friends that were just as crazy as I am.   I teach Preschool Special Education and most days I love my job.

I enjoy reading journals of just about any kind.

Lately I've been journaling about the following things:
Writing (I'm attempting to writing a novel, and muse on that when I get the chance). Rping. Sewing. Weight Loss/Body image and being recovered from an Eating Disorder (I'm in a healthy place with my body, most of the time. If you are not in a healthy place, and want someone to be unhealthy with you, I'm not your girl). Teaching/Special Education.  Random Life things.  Being a Mormon and a Feminist (Sometimes an oxymoron, I know.) Various forms of geeky stuff.

I like:  Joss Whedon.  Comic books.  Video games (Especially Dragon Age, Portal and Assassin's Creed).  Music of all sorts(From Depeche Mode to Lykke Li to Mumford and Sons to Ella Fitzgerald).  The Princess Bride.  Game of Thrones.  Dogs.  RPing.  Larping.  Reading.  Writing.  Audrey Hepburn.  Marilyn Monroe.  Eliza Dushku.  Kristen Bell. 

I dislike:
Pro-Eating disorder stuff.  Sexism.  Bullies. Most Country Music.  Drama Llamas.  Narcissism. 

I'm just hoping to find a few people that with similar interests that would enjoy being friends.
And now for a PICTURE!

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