❥ victim of circumstance (gagyourmouth) wrote in add_me,
❥ victim of circumstance

Hi, my name is Robin. I'm 26 and I've used livejournal under numerous accounts since 2001. I live in Virginia but I'm as far left as they come. I graduated in 2009 from Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) with an English degree. I'm trying to relocate to the Los Angeles area but no one wants to hire me because I live too far away. OBVIOUSLY I'm willing to relocate. I'm volatile and vengeful and can be arrogant and narcissistic and I tend to play the victim and the blame game. I like hip hop. I take a lot of things personally. I'm looking for active friends who comment, because I like to comment too.

No chauvinists, sexists, bigots, racists, liars, hypocrites, or homophobes.

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