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Looking to add to my friends list.

Hello, add_me .

Here is a little something about me:

  • 23 year old bi-sexual married female.
  • mother of two, expecting third in August.
  • currently on bed rest- but when i am not, i work in an Adult Foster Care home for high behavior adults- and i LOVE IT.
  • i like to read. Just started the 50bookchallenge  and 15000pages  challenges. :]
  • i also enjoy watching TV. Heroes, How i met your mother, Weeds, Bones, and some Anime catch my attention all the time.
  • I love video games and spend a good amount of time playing WoW, FF, LOTRO, and i just downloaded the trial of Rift.
  • I curse like a sailor, and generally don't care what people think. Don't add me if that bothers you.
  • I sometimes have an odd/inappropriate sense of humor, Don't add me if this bothers you either.

Please do not add me if you are just going to remove me.
Please comment somewhere if you added me.
Please try to be 18 plus.

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