Urvogel (urvogel) wrote in add_me,

hello world :P

 hello everyone!
-ill try to keep this brief
i dont post real names or pictures of myself in my livejournal, be they mine or the names of others, so my name is Urvogel :)
  • i am 23, straight male, and an artist/illustrator who is currently in san francisco. i work traditionally and digitally. ethnically i am mainly european, but generally am a mutt. im also a man of science.
  • i love art, graphic novels, puppetry, movies, science fiction, fantasy, discovery channel, reading, exploring, sharing thoughts/ideas, history, philosophy, zoology, biology, travel, language, and much much more~
  • did i mention i love animals? i did? okay cool.
  •  i update my journal maybe once a week or once every other week- generally i share my thoughts and noteworthy happenings- im the type that would rather make one big vent post rather than lots of little ones throughout the week. my posts usually arent dramatic, but i suppose we all have our ups and downs from time to time.
  • i am a panty fetishist- i enjoy buying, wearing, seeing, and hearing about lingerie/panties- i dont list this to sound like a creep, but its a reality and i hope to find people who appreciate that fact/are prepared to potentially read things on that subject. aside from that facet of myself i am a "normal" hetero male(whatever that means).
  • my account is usually public, but due to a recent relationship break up i have made it private for a short while(there are still a few posts public though)
i guess im just looking for like-minds and interesting people to chat with/read about.
i look forward to meeting you! :D i have a live journal-related AIM account (urvogel24) too so i always welcome a good chat! :)   

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