kyrstin ann. ♥ (ifellintofire) wrote in add_me,
kyrstin ann. ♥

I'm a 19 year old Psychology student happily taken by this guy named Tommy :)

I'd love some new additions to my friends list...I'm looking for:

- someone who is on pretty often
- someone who will comment me
- someone who likes GETTING comments
- someone who will take the time to TALK to me, whether it be AIM or whatever else. :) Please try to get to know me.
- someone who is AT LEAST 17 years of age.

I love traveling, art of all kinds (although I do photography as a hobby), learning to cook, cute things, ANIMALS ♥ (I have pets of my own), foreign horror movies, horror movies in general, documentaries, abnormal and forensic psychology, anddd. Mountain dew? I really can't think of anymore at the moment. xD


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