aƨʜʅɛʏ ɱaʀɩɛ ♔ (070408) wrote in add_me,
aƨʜʅɛʏ ɱaʀɩɛ ♔

hello, everyone! i'm ashley. i'm 23 years old and i live with my boyfriend of 3 years and work at wal-mart. i have no children unless you count my cats and my hermit crabs but i do have a niece that i love like my own. i do not claim to be interesting or extraordinary so don't add me hoping to be inspired or swept off your feet in awe. ;] i do love making friends though so if you're interested in actual friendships i just may be your gal. i'm friendly and easy going but i can be a real bitch sometimes. (who can't, really?) i'm not into sports or politics or religion but i enjoy reading, watching movies/tv and playing video games. i have a serious lack of creativity but i love icon making. i hate drama and i'm all about keeping the peace. you can read more in my friends only and/or userinfo.

some favorites:
☇ harry potter.
☇ graphic/icons.
☇ pretty little liars.
☇ glee.
☇ leonardo dicaprio.
☇ disney.
☇ peguins.
☇ anything cute & cuddly.

feel free to add me if:
☇ we have similar interests.
☇ we can actually be friends.
☇ you actually comment now & then.

do not add me if:
☇ you expect a comment on every entry.
☇ you are rude.
☇ you're close-minded, racist, homophobic, etc.
☇ post a ridiculous amount about drinking/partying/drugs.
☇ only every update about your drama.


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