minteabug (minteabug) wrote in add_me,

sunny skies and introductions

hello, my name is priscilla. i'd like to think of myself as a princess, because i like tiaras, big fluffy dresses, cupcakes, lip gloss, heels and pink things, particularly pink things with bows. even more specifically, pink satin peep-toe heels with bows. if i wasn't typing, my hands will be clapping right now. clap clap clap. but generally, i'm a nice girl in university/college in her last year and looking forward for summmmmer to arrive. it's winter here in sydney, australia and i'm all the rage for wearing tiny miniskirts (despite the weather), big black over-the-knee boots, cute camel coloured jackets and capes and drinking lots of authentic hot chocolate. there's nothing like a thick vienna hot chocolate sitting between your cold hands.

i ♥ shopping, grocery shopping, boy bands, coffeeeeeeeeee (iced and otherwise), audrey hepurn because she's classic and awesome and awesome and awesome ('nuff said), audrey tautou because she's the sexiest french girl i know, making out in the backseat with the boy you heart, glossy magazines, picture books, world history (i did a bachelor of arts in history! surprised? yeah, me too), fairy tales, writing love poems and stories and vampires. heart heart vamps.

musically, i'm inclined to cute things, well i like cute things. cute cakes, cute boys, cute shoes, clean books, and food that makes you want to go munch munch munch!! owl city is my love, and so is kina grannis. if they could marry and have children, i'd be their godmother. although at the moment, i'm a poor advocate, i'm actually listening to ze:a, a singing, dancing troupe of tall korean boys :/ there's nothing like a fetish on watching cute boys dance in a synchronised fashion to dandy pop tunes.

i used to have a journal at husssylove, but i've sort of outgrown my time there, so maybe if you like, we can exchange, you know.....(nooooo i'm not trying to pick you up!) hugs and become awesome awesome livejournal friends! ♥

i'm being nice, i'll put a picture of myself up! don't laugh, i cry easy.


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