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Boredom=Reposting. :)

This is probably the bajillionth time I've posted here on the hunt for new friends. But I'm sitting here at work (last day!!) and I figured I'd see who else I could collect. ;)

My name's Stephanie. I'm 18 years young. I am currently a pre-med sophomore at Tarleton State, but I'm switching to undecided shortly so I can finish up my basics. Plan A is to transfer to UT Dallas and get my degree in game design. Plan B is to stay at Tarleton, get a business degree, and open up a bakery (I currently have a self-run cheesecake business). Plan C is to forget school for now and join the army.

Born in the Philippines, grew up in New York, currently residing in Texas.

I have issues with my family. We don't get along much. I'll be posting about that a bunch, most likely. I also post a lot about stupid mistakes I've made. You'll learn that I'm very impulsive...which usually doesn't lead to good things. 

I love giving/receiving advice!

I practically worship My Chemical Romance. this band changed my life.

I'm getting my first tattoo sometime this month. I'm uber excited and nervous. I'm scared it's gonna hurt like a mo'fo'.

I love to have fun. I love being random and that "crazy asian chick that you thought would be super smart and quiet." I'm freakishly sarcastic and I have a quirky sense of humor and style. I would like to consider myself unique, but so does everyone else, so maybe i'm secretly just ordinary? If there is such a thing.

I'm freaking ready for Harry Potter part 2 to come out.

I play guitar in my spare time. I have a Fender Squier Stratocaster and just got myself a Starcaster. Kurt Cobain is one of my musical heroes.

I really don't know what else to say. That should be enough to get ya started. :) Add me and we'll get to know each other! :)

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