Gypsy and the Cat (silhouettes_of) wrote in add_me,
Gypsy and the Cat

Hey, my name is Sonja and sometimes my actions are unbecoming. I'm a young twenty something and I live in NYC. I'm confused, don't always meet the band, stay up late, and love used book stores.

My journal is going to be a mix of my general ramblings, recounts of adventures, movie and book reviews, maybe a snippit about a video game I'm playing, photography, ect ect.

I enjoy commenting. I figure this site is supposed to be interactive. I don't expect the same on a regular basis. Do you.

In closing: legalize it now, there is only one love, be nice to everyone and give a bitch a hug. Expand your mind constantly, make mistakes, 'buy the ticket, take the ride,' and most importantly, keep it funky.


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