1985s (1985s) wrote in add_me,

Hi, I'm Sam. :)

Canadian, bisexual, student. I have a summer job in the city that I can't disclose but I work full time hours. I feel like Paul Rudd in I Love You Man because that's who I am at work. I post mainly about adventures I have, psychology articles that I find interesting, er uh movie trailers that I invent for your entertainment and if anything particularly neat happens on that day, I like to share it. :)

I'm open minded and if I was a thing, I'd be a quilt because there's a lot of patches of things that shouldn't necessarily be together, but I make it work. People who inspire me are Mary Portas, Michael Ondaatje and Chuck Palahniuk.

We don't have to always agree, but I believe in shaking hands. And I'm forgiving which is a good trait and a weakness at the same time. We're only here for a certain time, we had enough stress, so come and have an easygoing friendship with me because why be mad at each other, we'll invent a third person to hate together.

Have a peak at my tumblr and add me if you'd like


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