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Have you ever picked up a book looked at the cover and thought hmm I don't know?  Then you dared to skim it a little bit. The table of contents spurred your interest a little more.  You could tell it had some adventures, hopes, and dreams.  There was romance,  passion, and everyday joys. You found values, dedication, and friendships.  There were stories of struggles met with positive attitude, level-headness, little to no drama, courage, and hard work.   Scenes that made you cry, laugh, or beg for more (really beg for more).  There were scenes where you felt an understanding, a connection about a common cause, activity or experience.  Once you started, you had to know all the secrets, all the surprises...the whole story.  Well, welcome to the life a single woman with two wonderful children, a handful of very close friends, and a fresh start on life.  My 39th birthday is approaching and it is time for me to take my reins of destiny.  This journal will capture the moments, or snapshots, of me.  I wont hold anything back. Life is short and I plan to live it to the fullest.

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