xprecieux (xprecieux) wrote in add_me,

Hello! You duh sexaaay!

I'm Jen, born on the fourth of July (freedom reigns!) (:
I currently live in MNL.
I'm 21 and a fresher! Now works as a Sales Account Manager for businesses (and a franchisee myself)

I was born surrounded by books. Well, I love the apple-scented pages on the flypaper.
I haven't seen God, but I do believe in Him.
I always try to make a conversation with a stranger.
I love going to the moviehouse, ALONE.
I love dining out (and then working out)
I take the public transpo en route to unfamiliar places every once in awhile (I let the world control me!)
I love reading magazines about finances.
I dream BIG!
I was a former News Editor in my campus paper (why does it feel like I'm writing a resume?)
Ironic: I often make a blog about finding the RIGHT ONE, when I haven't met mine.

And hey, I rock the KARAOKE! 

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