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moonshoesque in add_me

Don't be fooled by a low post-count.

Hey. -waves-
My name is Jessica, 21, female, from Ohio. (:
First, lemme just say: I am not new to LJ. I have a personal LJ that I post in quite a bit, but I don't want to add random people to it. I love chatting, commenting, and communities - none of which I want to do on my personal LJ, either. So this LJ ,which will be more casual, is for that sort of thing.
That being said, I comment WAY more than I post.

I'm not just looking for people to comment on my posts. I'm looking for some new online friends, because, I LOVE online friends. If you're not willing to really talk and have conversations, I am not the friend for you. If you're not willing to chat on AIM occasionally, I am not the friend for you.

I wrote all about me on my profile, so you should probably check that out. (;

x-posted, sorry.


you should watch Star Wars at least ... Glee is shit, Doctor Who isn't that great in my opinion, and Twilight is shit too (never read it but I've read some articles about it and I don't agree with the mentality behind it).

I'm talkative too, just not very TMI about things though xD I'm definitely willing to chat on AIM :)
Eh, I don't think I'll ever be willing to try Star Wars. xD
The mentality behind Twilight is what makes me hate it so much.

Friends? C:
ah you should at least try one. Not all, that would be too much lol.

Yes defo :))

Also, you listing Backstreet as an interest? Makes me love you a little.
lol of course! they're my boys!
Please tell me I'm not the only one who loves Howie most of all?
:O Love YOUR Simpsons icon!
Definitely adding!
adding! please add me back. :)
Added! :D
Absolutely. (:
You seem awesome, I've added ya :D Add back?

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