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Hello (LJ) world!

Hi everyone, my name is Jac. I'm in my mid-twenties and hail from Singapore, except that I spent about 8 years in Melbourne, Australia and my heart is sort of still there, I've just never really connected with my own country so to speak, anyone has similiar feelings? My biggest passion is reading, this has led me to persue uni studies in Lit & History, as well as Editing & Publishing. I'm not totally sure where I want to be 10 years down the road, but as long as I have a decent job where  can provide for my family with a little extra on the side I'll be happy =3 I used to think I knew exactly what I want but living overseas has opened my eyes a lot! Currently I'm in between jobs, I've worked in freelance teaching/tutoring, admin, human resources, random event volunteering, etc... I love listening to other people's stories so I'm pretty open minded. I'd also love to make friends with people who are living or has lived overseas too!

My LJ mostly contains: posts about daily life, sometimes I may ramble a lot because my lj is my outlet and a place to communicate with the friends I left overseas, sometimes with photos of random food outings, travels, cooking exploits and what have you =3  If you want to go into view points I tend to be empathetic and see the best and worst of people and things, so it's no point trying to get me riled up into heated debates about politics/religion/sexuality because I don't like conflict. I do not like trolls or people adding me just to expand their flist size. I'd also prefer to friend someone fairly active (you don't have to post everyday but at least comment once in a while to let me know you're alive and still interested =3). Despite my beliefs (moderate Christian, but labels are so generic anyway...) I enjoy reading up on astrology, mythology and one of my favourite anime characters is a demon butler... I will read/watch anything that sounds interesting, my curosity knows no bounds sometimes =D;

Main Fandoms - Tennis no Oujisama, Bleach, Kuroshitsuji, Hotaru no Hikari, Iryu: Team Medical Dragon, Criminal Minds, JAG (old fandom =P), Castle, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, Gyakuten Kenji/ The Phoenix Wright series, Samurai Warriors, Junjou Romantica, Samurai Deeper Kyo, Kamen Rider - Kabuto, Decade, OOO, Team Bastista, Game of Thrones (TV), etc...
-- Please look at my profile for more info, I'm into various fandoms, Japanese drama, anime/manga, English language crime shows, period films, paranormal & historical romance novels, pscychological thrillers,

Interests - I read, cook/bake, write (mostly fanfic), travel, movies, dance (ballroom/latin), etc, Japan, England, Scotland, Psychology, pre-1900s history, casual gaming, languages...

Music has been a huge part of me, having taken part in piano, choir, dance... I LOVE MUSICALS ♥ (Les Miserables, Phantom, My Fair Lady, Chang & Eng, Miss Saigon, etc), I mostly listen to pop/rock (artistes in myprofile), classical, acapella, orchestral metal, and random Jrock bands.

Note - If you want to add me I'd appreciate you commenting on my Friending post and read the instructions there, I'm just doing it to avoid spammers/trolls and because my lj is kinda private. It'd be nice to know a little about you and any common interests if we have any instead of just adding me =D;

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