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y o u a r e m y s u n s h i n e

{"so pull me under your weather patterns
your cold fronts and the rain don't matter
'cause the sun burns when I need it" }

Hi, I’m Natalie, or Day. Nice to meetcha.
-I’m seventeen, going into my senior year of high school.
-I live in a small town in Texas, and dream of someday traveling the world with a high-techy camera at hand.
-I consider myself an introvert, so feel free to add me if you’re one too. ; ] It’s always nice to talk to people with similar interests but I’m also very accepting toward just about anyone.
-I'm looking for friends who actually want to be FRIENDS. I like posting on other people's journals so I hope my journals won't be ignored.
-Lately my interests have been centered around undiscovered bands, fashion, Rilke poetry, and cooking. I still burn a lot of things because I typically have the attention span of a mayfly when it comes to checking up on oven contents, but I enjoy any sort of DIY projects that I can busy myself with. xD

{  Favorite Bands: DeathCab, Adele, Young The Giant, Owl City, Nada Surf, Modest Mouse, Taylor Swift, Skillet, Fall Out Boy, Copeland, The Killers, Foster The People, Breathe Carolina, Kelly Clarkson, and I also love to listen to instrumentals such as piano and violin music. :]
Livejournal Content: Just random things that have been collecting in my mind, or updates about my day. I really like posting on other’s journals more than my own, but that’s not to say I’m inactive. I try to post at least every other day so I don’t flood anyone’s inbox too much. cx
Interests:  Painting, drawing, (I do some digital drawing too, but I can’t say I’m the greatest)  anime,  photography, traveling, striking up a silly/bubbly/or serious conversation with someone. :3
Movies: Anything with comedy or action. Johnny Depp and Morghan Freeman are my absolute favorite actors. }


Well, I hope we can become good friends, so don't hesitate to add me!
 Have a nice day~   : ]♥





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