you're gonna be fine (charliefrancis) wrote in add_me,
you're gonna be fine

hello, everyone!

  • my name is amanda

  • i’m twenty three

  • i’m jewish

  • i have three dachshunds and one cat

  • i’m hearing impaired (60% in one ear, 80% in the other ear)

  • i’m 5’3”

  • i have a hell of a personality on the internet, but i’m more introverted in real life

  • some of my favorite shows are doctor who, supernatural, oz, white collar, law and order: svu, csi: las vegas, fringe, and the list goes on and on

  • a few of my heroes are da vinci, james ransone, timothy olyphant, and nick stokes (yes, i added a fictional character in there, because i give no fucks whatsoever)

  • my favorite genres of music are classic rock and classical

  • i have way too many favorite movies, but a few of them are the lotr trilogy, dazed and confused, four rooms, inglourious basterds, pulp fiction, reservoir dogs, teenage mutant ninja turtles, dracula (the 1992 version), and amistad

  • i like to give out my opinion

  • i’m actually a nicer person once you get to know me

  • i like to flail over kirk acevedo, timothy olyphant, james ransone, viggo mortensen, and karl urban (though i have many other favorite actors that i’m not going to list, but if you must know, then just ask)

  • i act more immature than my chronological age, because that’s just how i am

  • i used to properly capitalize on the internet, but then i just got lazy one day, and the only times that i ever capitalize are in random posts and via email when needed

  • i also enjoy using bullet points, as you can see

i'm hoping to meet a few new people on here, so i can get to know them, as well! thank you and have a nice day.


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