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Hallo LJ world

I'm Kat, 22, from Canada, and I'm looking for LJ friends, with similar interests/ideas.
I'm 22 and I'm studying political science/gender studies.
My interests are - reading, writing, photography, music, travel, cooking (I'm vegetarian and have celiacs, I'm currently on a hunt to replace my favorite foods with wheat-free versions) philosophy, religion(s)/spirituality, history, politics (obviously) 
Warning - to people who want to add me - I'm fairly progressive in my views, as some put it, a "bleeding heart liberal" - I don't mind if you don't share my views and still want to add me, but I do blog occassionally about politics/my opinion on stuff, and comments gotta remain civil :)
My journal mostly contains stuff about music, politics, whatever is bothering me at the moment, and silly little things. I haven't been very good at updating lately, but I'm gonna try and update more.

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