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I've LJed on and off since I was in high school, which was about seven years ago...which is just crazy. I move around and travel a lot, so many of my friends, save, of course, the nearest and dearest, are people I only talk to regularly when we're in the same geographic vicinity. I seriously enjoy reading and learning about others' daily lives; it's enriching and thought-provoking. Or, maybe I should say, it has the potential to be, depending on whose life you're reading. In any case, I need some fresh blood on my flist, since I'm about to start a master's program and reading about other people's crap on the internet while I procrastinate on dealing with my own is pretty much essential to the whole process.

So, who am I? In answer to that question...

If I were in position to allocate money to different programs, I' serious research into progressive, thorough education methods that would completely restructure the way we think of school; tackle pharmaceutical companies with avaricious motivations; and give all the money in the world to people studying the brain.

The one thing I hope for more than anything else is amnesty from student loans.

I graduated from college in December 2007, and I'm starting a speech pathology masters program this fall. When I grow up, I want to treat disadvantaged members of the community who normally wouldn't have access to good health services and write about their cases.

As regards the essentials, I'm 25, from Kentucky, but I live in Pennsylvania now. In the past, I lived in Nashville, Aix-en-Provence (France), DC, and Vernon (also France). I'm married to a wonderful curly-haired physicist who makes computational models of bird neurons, and I'm trying to adjust to this idea of "settling down".

I have two journals---one I update, and one I use for my flist. So to get both my entries and my comments, you'd need to add both erinfondue and recalcitrancies. I know, two clicks there...major pain in the ass.

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