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Hi everybody!
My name is Vicky.I am Russian,but I can speak English,so this my journal will be only in English.I have second LJ in Russian,but I decided to find new friends from different countries,so I created this account.
I am 17 years old,but I fell myself more older.I am very sentimental people,I can sit all day near the river and just contemplate the nature.But really I am not naive...
In September I will go to the last class of school,but I have no idea about my future studying.I like a lot of professions and cannot choose only one.But I know that my future careere will be connect with English,besause I really like study this language and i want to improve my English very much.
I like a lot of things,such as reading,travelling,listening the music,history,animals,dancing....I have danced flamenco for three years,but this year I will have to prepare for exams,and maybe I will not have enough time for dancing.But flamenco always will have a special place in my heart,I think that it is wonderful dance.I listen all kinds of music,except metall and hard rock,but I prefer folk,etno music,groups like Blackmore s night.What about books,I read novels,classic,fiction,adventures...Now I have to read a lot of Russian books because of the school,but in leisure hours i like to read books of Jane Osten,Jack London,Shakespeare.Also I can play tennis,but not very well.It is like a fitness for me,not game.
I will be glad to see in my LJ everybode.Honestly,all my friends are more older then me,so do not watch that I am 17 only.It will be interesting to know different ways of life and thinking.Waitig for new people!:)
P.S.Sorry for my mistakes,my English is not perfect..But I want it to be!

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