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curls and summer wishes

hello, my name is priscilla. i am 23 years old, turning 24 and i live in sydney, australia.
it's presently winter here and i love the thought of wearing hippie ponchos and big fluffy capes with jeans and/or skirts and stomping through the city in high heels. i actually can't wait for summer to arrive so i can wear two pairs of my new heels i got on bargain deals at this awesome thrifty girls' chain store during work hours (i immediately narrow my eyes). for shame, priscilla!

i love to read, but admittedly i'm going to have two overdue books because i just overslept and forgot to renew them. they're actually two cecelia ahern books, not p.s. i love you or the other one about exchanging letters and emails and eventually getting together...the other one. the one with the...nevermind. if i keep going on, you'll know the rest of the story. suckxcore. but i'm trying to read a ton of material, i have glossy magazines, a book on history written in a simple, narrative style and a book on renaissance history and some learn-it-yourself french book. i don't know when i'll pave through it all though. i don't really have high hopes because i keep spending time on um, shopping and walks with the boyfriend and work placement (which ends this week).

if i have to name my day job or my occupation or something something, i am actually a social work student soon to be graduate but not really, so i am kind of a graduand. i've been doing a placement in mental health case management for four months and it's nearing the end of its tether on friday. :)

everything else, in short spouts of anything. i like romantic comedies and animations, bushwalks, clothes and shopping and high heels and long hair, audrey hepburn, the devil wears prada and confessions of a shopaholic, stationary, swarovski crystals, rings, bracelets, earrings, cupcakes, making cupcakes, making cupcakes with you.

ummmmm this is me and me. one picture after another.

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hope we can be friends! ♥

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