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Hello everyone!

Hello. My name is Emma-Nicole. I'm 17, turning 18 in about two weeks. I am from Manchester, England but moved to the United States a few years ago. I still have family from England, and I visit every summer.

I'm a geek. Plain and simple. I love writing and making things in photoshop. Whether they are just photoshop bombs, rage comics, or tour posters for local bands I have friends in. I play video games, write fanfiction from time to time, and dream of living in a magic world like Harry Potter.  My posts can be random, some can be funny, and I promise to keep the ranting to a minimum. :D I love learning about religions and cultures and want to in the future take the time to visit very religious areas and spend some time getting to really understand them.

I live in FYE and AC Moore. Music is art after all. I watch sports. Recently I've gotten into baseball, but I'm a huge Hockey fan and of American soccer. And I play volleyball.

My username is inspired by a dear friend of mine Ellen who passed away a few months ago.

I'm not looking for you to fit any mold, because we are all from our own. You don't have to comment on everything, just a hello once in awhile. And I promise to say Ciao too. :)

Well this made me sound lame, but you should see for yourself!

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