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Name: Kat
Gender: Female
Age: 17
Occupation: Student (soon enough), Aikidoist, volunteer
Location: Middle of nowhere, North Carolina but not really
Birthday: April 29, 1994
Status: Single
Orientation: Straight
Tattoos/Piercings: Nose stud and planning on getting more piercings and a tattoo when I turn 18.
Languages spoken: English, basic words in Spanish, very few words in Japanese

My summer's just about over and I'll go back to having zero free time but I've missed having Internet friends. :)

I'm interested in all sorts of martial arts. I just earned my yellow belt in Aikido ("the peaceful art"), which I love, and I want to take Arnis (uses weapons like Jo sticks, bokkens, etc) and Jujitsu (similar to Aikido, but they attack instead of enter a lot, among other differences). School comes first and my schedule now will already have eight hours at the dojo in five days and it's a thirty minute drive from my house. I started four months ago but the dojo is home. I train five days a week--Aikido Monday through Thursday and conditioning class on Fridays. I'm one of the only girls in my art and the youngest of the ones we have. My mentor is a brown belt (who would be a black belt by now, if it wasn't for injuring her ankle and her work schedule) and I love her to death, just wish I saw her more often. Everyone there treats me like one of the guys; being called a girl there is almost always an insult (unless you're talking about the dojo's part owner--it'd be a huge praise to be called her). I'm proud of my bruises. I have a reputation with those I've trained with--and even those that just know me--of being violent. Not overly violent, just in the sense that I laugh when I take people down. I'm going to ask one of my Senseis about some basics on sparing--we just had our Fight Night last night and some of the guys tried to get me to go out there.

Before you start thinking I'm all athletic and shit, I'm not. I also have a reputation for yelling at the person who makes us run on usually non-running nights (they just laugh at me and keep up with the torture). I'm at that odd transition where I'm transforming fat into muscle. I hate sit-ups and, as of Monday, can do 25 girl-pushups. I've finally learned that my junk food binges over the two days I'm not at the dojo aren't worth it because it just means I have to work twice as hard in class the following week. My eating habits are a lot better but I have a long ways to go.

Other than martial arts, I volunteer at a local no-kill shelter at our adoption agency, Petsmart. For a while, I was there all three days and had a ton of responsibility but the stress got to me and it showed. I'm now there on Sundays when I can and still have responsibility but not as much as I used to.

Two out of my four dogs have come from the shelter; Dash was found as a puppy under a dumpster by another volunteer, fostered by us, and then later adopted (he's a Lab-Great Dane-Pit-and something else mix, we think) and the Aussie chose me. Zep (Zeppelin), the Aussie, is crashed out right next to me; I met him while volunteering and he knew right away I was his. A few weeks later, he was in a crate in the living room and he's been spoiled ever since. Bella and Blue are our Husky-Labs. They come from the same litter but look nothing alike. Bella's very maternal and likes to lay around while her three brothers go run around. Blue's the Alpha but he's just a big old baby. My cat is fourteen and runs the house. She's six pounds but you don't mess with the cat; we've all learned that the hard way. She's sweet only when she feels like it or she wants something.

I want to travel. To Ireland, more specifically, but I'd be cool with pretty much anywhere other than North Carolina.

I read and I write. I don't read Fantasy or Horror but I'll read pretty much anything else.

I don't really have a lot of time to watch TV but usually, anything but Horror is up for grabs--the Military Channel, History Channel, old shows I used to watch when I was little. I don't like reality TV, other than Top Model.

I think I've rambled on long enough.


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