dejawhoo (dejawhoo) wrote in add_me,

Hi all :D I'm Megan. I'm a college freshman. I'm thinking I might possibly declare a major in Biology, and I'm almost positive I'm going to minor in International Studies. I'm going to join the Equestrian Team at my school - I used to ride horses about five years ago, and I miss it so much.

A lot of what you'll see on my journal is talking about school (once it starts), my attempt to become (mostly) vegan, my weight loss progress, occasional self-pitying rants, movie and book reviews, silly GIFs/pictures like the one above, and my progression through my Mission 101 list. If you add me, the only thing I ask is that you respect any difference of opinions we may have. I don't mind if you disagree with me, but no trolling please. Okay? Good <3

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