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New friends wanted

 Hello again!! 

I've tried this a few times now, but not really had much luck in the past. I've made friends through going through here and adding them myself. Just decluttered my friends list of people i didn't connect with or that didn't make the effort to get to know me or become friends. Im looking for a few more friends that will hopefully become life long friends not just someone that appears with a comment every now and then and that is hit and miss.

So here goes....
                              Im Emma, im 26 and Live in Maidstone,Kent,England, with my Hubby Aj, our 8 week old son Tony(Tj) and our 2 fur babies(half burmese cats) Smudge(moo moo) and Missy(mini). These are the main 4 loves of my life and i talk about all 3 ALOT. 
(So if you don't like to read about children or married life please don't add me or leave comments that are unwanted as they will just get deleted.)

I'm currently on Maturnity leave from my Job, im a Cleaning Operative for a Cleaning company called TC Contractor's. Im hoping once my maturnity leave is up end of March 2012 that i can give up work and become a full-time Mum. But as my hubby is unemployed right now since getting made redundant back  in march, im not sure how that's going to work yet. Aj doesn't want me to go back to work but will have to see if he manages to find another job between now and then if i have to return to work or not.

I spend ALOT of time at my parents.

My mum is like my best friend i love spending time with her! Regardless of what were doing Baking,watching dvd's, just having a cuppa and chat, going shopping, doing crafts ect

My dad's a 1950's Rock'n'Roll dj and it's what we have in common as my Dad's a 1970's Teddy Boy. Aj and I quiet often go out with him when his dj'ing so also of updates about nights out that we have had as well. 1950's Rock'nRoll is 1 of my biggest pasions and has been since i was about 5yrs old. I can even Jive(1950's style dance) i've been jiving since i was 7yrs old and still love it.

I love to cook and Bake always trying new recipes and making cakes and things for other people. My latest thing im going to have a go at making for someone is... A Fruit Genoa cake for my Father In Law Tony(it's his fav cake) 

Im quiet crafty more card making at the moment which i've been dabbling in for the last 6 months. I've only made some decoupage Easter cards, and a few birthday cards so far. But im looking forward to making xmas cards and many more. I post pic's of cards i make too.

I love writting letter's and am an avid pen paller and have lots of pen friends all over the world. Some have become very good friends of mine and im very close too. I've not met any of my pen pals yet but hope to at some point in the future.

Im looking for friends that i can connect with and have a long term friendship and not someone that appears every now and then and makes no effort to actaully become friends.

Leave me a comment if you'd like to be friends and i'll add you back .

Below a pic of me and my hubby Aj


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