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Second time here!

I posted to this community a few months ago and met some really nice people.  I guess it might be time to try to meet a few more.

So to start again at the beginning:

 - My name is Stacey, I'm 27 years old.
 - I was born in the UK but I now reside in France.  I'm bilingual in English and French, but I also know some Spanish.
 - I'm a Medieval Historian.  I have a Master's degree in Medieval Research.  I plan to go back to university next year to finish my studies.
 - I like all kinds of music except techno and some jazz elements.  I'd still be friends with those who like these genres though ;)
 - I love to travel, go to new places, try new things.
 - I like to cook... I'm better at savoury dishes than cakes and stuff, but I still give it a whirl.
 - I'm also into photography, and if I take a really cool shot I will share it with you.

What do I share on my journal?  Ramblings really, but also nice artwork pictures and some videos.  I also like to do reviews of beauty products or any exotic drink or food I may try.  I maintain a couple of communities too, which you can find in my Profile.

Since I last posted here (in fact it is very very recently), my journal has gone a lot less public.  This is mainly because I was being spammed by some LJers.  I don't expect people to comment on everything I write, but I'm not really interested in being "friends" with those who add others just to boost their own friends lists or to look for a discreet opening to spam in the hope they won't be noticed.  

Oh... and here's a picture of me.  It was taken last year, but I've not changed that much in the meantime!


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