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 My name is Wessley (my friends call me Kriax)

I am 20 years-old 
I am openly gay
I smoke cigarettes
I love technology
I really want to be a game designer
I just recently moved out... again
I have the 2 best friends anyone could ask for
I live in Tennessee
I've moved way too much in my life
I'm glad that my family has finally settled
I am the 3rd child out of 4 (1 older sister, 1 older brother, 1 younger brother)
I am currently Jobless

I've only been on LJ a couple of years but I really love it, I recently had to make a new one because i forgot my old password and what not and I didn't feel like going through all that "Forgot Password?"bullshit so I started a new one. I sometimes post really long Entries and sometimes they're really short random Entries so don't judge me :P I'm VERY random when it comes to my entries as well. I like to rant on here it's just what I do, I am sometimes vulgar in my posts so ~you have been warned~ I love living with my friends they are everything to me and always will be. I love to play World of Warcraft and Mario Kart, I love watching movies but only if they blow my mind, Sucker Punch, V for Vendetta, stuff like that. I don't normally read a whole bunch of books but I've never really found a whole lot that I like either. I'm basically a nerd but a cool nerd? If there ever was a such thing I guess. I really hate getting attached to things but it always happens.  

I'm only looking for people friends not just someone who sits on someone's friends list and they never talk to. Add me if you'd like and I'll talk to you soon :)

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