Christine (anna_darkholme) wrote in add_me,

pimping myself out againnnn


-Christie, 26 (though anyone who knows me will tell you I look and act much younger ;(( ), ATLANTA
-I work for an airline and fly for free which is especially good bc...
-I am in a LDR with loll someone who I met on lj!! And it's ok bc she is so incredibly lovely sweet beautiful and without a single flaw and I adore her so much. She's Canadian btw
-Oh yes, as you can probably guess by the sentence above I am gay. I was a late bloomer and self-loathing for a while. I blame no one but myself, though having an extremely religious, conservative and homophobic best friend in high school probably didn't help...
-I am an only child and a spoiled little white bitch ;(
-I have a 'black girl fetish' and my gf is black >:DDDD so im in hog heaven u kno
-I have 2 cats who meet me at the door every night when I'm home from work I love them so much
-I am very sarcastic and often mean to people who are bitches. But usualy very sweet to people who aren't!
-I don't watch much tv but when I do it's usually HGTV (LOL) or The Office. And Jimmy Kimmel every night. I love harry potter and x-men and my playstation 3
-I like nicki minaj, rihanna, girls aloud, honestly just pop music though I don't hate any music (except hardcore country)

I can't think of shit else right now and have to go to work anyway. Please at least one person have mercy and leave a comment so I don't come back to this and feel depressed as fuck ty love u all!

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