Ron (agentronster468) wrote in add_me,

In Need of Committed Friends

I’ve tried fishing for some new friends over at the friends_i_want community and I gained some good friends. And now I feel deserted, like no one reads or comments on my entries. So here I go.

My name is Ronnell—I’d like to be called Ronster, my pseudonym—and I am a college-bound student in pursuit of psychology, sociology, and philosophy at this beautiful college in upstate New York. I am 18 years young, male, average weight but kind of short for my age, and I seem to have the mind of a middle-aged man who’s experienced a great deal of things in life, although life hasn’t finished rapping on my door. Is that weird?

I’m interested in the wonderful art of poetry and good short stories. I enjoy writing them more than reading them, and I selectively and privately upload my creations to my journal. Music is my savior. I listen to a lot of alternative metal + rock, hard rock—Breaking Benjamin, Three Days Grace, Rise Against, Chevelle, 10 Years (just to name several). I love the innovative nature of technology (I just recently got an Android HTC EVO). I cherish and take good care of my netbook, computer, Xbox 360, iPod Touch, and HTC EVO. I barely let people near them because I’ll go insane if someone breaks or mistreats any of them. I am in love with Assassin’s Creed, Call of Duty, Gears of War, and Halo. As you can see I’m a Shooter person, but I have a heart for RPGs as well.

I’m learning how to be open-minded and how to be a critical thinker. I’m agnostic—NOT ATHEIST—but I don’t mind if people choose to talk about or share their religious ideas either in their journal or directly to me. I have no stance on politics, although I really should as an American citizen. I find humor in things that aren’t necessarily intended to be funny; I think life would be a lot funnier if we stopped taking everything so seriously. But I’m very tactful and empathetic towards people’s feelings. I have a huge heart for people in general, but certain kinds peeve me.

My journal is mostly Friends Only; anyone is allowed to view my public Writer’s Block Responses. My entries are moderately long and thorough, organized, and structured. I’m a big freak when it comes to organization, structure, spelling, proper grammar, etc. I reflect on life, share my deep thoughts and experiences, and post my poetry and short stories. I swear every now and then when I’m in a bad mood. And I frequent LiveJournal every day and post once every two or three days.

I hope to find users that are online very often, comment often, respectful, open-minded, and confident enough to share ideas. I will NOT tolerate:

• Discrimination of any kind
• Disrespect
• Extreme arrogance

Women and men of all ages are welcome!


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