GR@ND TH3FT xTACY. (zarwars) wrote in add_me,

hey everyone~ :)

my name is sam & i need new friends!

i'm twenty & for 18 years i've lived in waynesboro, tennessee.
it's just a little rinky dink town, but i honestly love it. hate the people here though. lots of rednecks and methheads and whatnot.
i work full time as a direct support professional at buffalo river services.
i think that makes me sound really cool, being a direct support professional, but it really just means i take care of people with mental disabilities. i care for two clients, and i've known one of them for 15 years. i love my job. hate the stress that comes along with it.
i'm engaged to the coolest cat in town that isn't gay, his name is caleb & i love him more than anything. i live with caleb and our best friend wessley. i'm pagan. bisexual. nerd.

i have tons more random info on my extended information page on my journal.

oh yeah! my journal is friends only. so comment there and tell me you're adding me & i'll probably add you back.

you're racist, an alcoholic, a drug addict, drama queen, homophobic, or if you never update or only intend on updating once then going MIA for several months.

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