blood & honey (sumofherregrets) wrote in add_me,
blood & honey

I'm trying to get back on track with a lot of things that I love. Over the last ten years, I've become more and more unable to sustain focus on anything, even those things that I love, and this has greatly affected my output and my satisfaction with things in general. I am working hard to overcome this - new journal, new focus, hopefully new friends.

I'm 29 years old, married, work in Special Education as a on-on-one behavioral aide (at the moment, but I've basically run the gamut in terms of the realm of things paras do), and - when I can sustain the motivation and momentum - I write. Poetry, mostly in form (sestina, haiku, sonnet, villanelle, etc.; I prefer having an external structure, it challenges me and helps me focus) and occasionally prose vignettes. I enjoy reading blank verse, free verse, prose poetry, etc., I simply don't write them. Outside of writing, I enjoy cooking, crochet, paper crafts (making postcard, cards, collages, junk books, altered books, etc. - I'm not particularly good, but I'm just starting out), blogging, casual on-line gaming, and fandom (I am very into fandom - at the moment, that would be Harry Potter, Doctor Who, and BBC's Sherlock (oh, I love me some Sherlock)). I'm a former smoker, quit because of a couple of reasons (1. it's forbidden in my lease, and 2. once I started working out, not smoking made SUCH a difference), but I am NOT preachy about having quit, and frankly couldn't care if you smoke or not (I'm pretty "live and let live" with the exception of "hard" drugs, because I feel that's self-destructive and damaging to relationships). I do like to drink, though I try to do so in moderation and in social situations, with the exception of the occasional rum and coke to relax while watching TV in the evening. If there was a possibility of meeting local people (greater Boston) who share my interests and would like to even be friend in "real life" (gasp!), that's be awesome (in time - huge social anxiety issues).

I'm pro-choice, a feminist, a supporter of gay rights, and a Christian, though I don't care what your belief system is so long as you are respectful of mine (I don't believe Christianity is about judgement, I believe it's about love and acceptance, and live my life as such - religion SHOULD be about seeking truth and meaning in life, and there is more than one path to truth).

In the past, I've tended to be a flaky commenter when it came to my Friend's page; oddly, this was not for lack of reading (I read every, single, entry.), but because I am an intensely socially awkward person with a lot of anxiety, particularly when it comes to social interaction (I am slowly, slowly, getting better). I'm trying to remedy that. I am trying really, really hard. And I'm having some degree of success, as well.

Basically I'm looking for likeminded people who think they can tolerate my nonsense.

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