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Howdy All!! :-)

Hello!! Looking for some new friends cuz almost all my old ones have found something better to do with their lives I guess cuz they are M.I.A.

My name is Martha aka Marty. My home base is Ontario, Canada. I’ve been living in sin with someone for about 5 years now, but he JUST proposed to me a few weeks ago (FINALLY!!!). :-D (NOTE: if you are going thru a bitter divorce or breakup or anything, you probably will not appreciate the current ramblings of my LJ lol). I have a beautiful kitty and two amazing step-kiddies that make my home life complete. I don’t have kids of my own but that’s ok, I don’t plan on having any.

I have a fairly boring job which I only journal about when I need to vent about something. lol

I love reading (mostly non-fiction), writing, reality TV (mostly documentary or real life kinda stuff, not Jersey Shore type), puzzles, walking, nature, wasting time on the computer. Oh, and jewelry (which is more of an obsession but other than user icons I won’t inundate you with it...much lol).

I am very open minded and have (had??) quite the eclectic mix of LJ friends. I haven’t been the best at posting lately but only because there hasn’t been much of an audience for it. But I am planning on stepping things up in that department.

So, if you are looking for an LJ friend who will actually read AND comment on your posts (and who likes to be read AND commented on) please feel free to add me and I’ll do that same.


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