GR@ND TH3FT xTACY. (zarwars) wrote in add_me,


hello potential friends.

i'm sam.

why should you add me?

because i will put a smile on your face when you need one. i will comment with love on entries that need it the most. i'm pretty gay for livejournal, we've been in a relationship for ten years.

i'm twenty years old. i live in the most redneck town in the world, we have a love/hate relationship. i'm engaged to my boyfriend of two years. we don't have a date set & we're not too concerned with having a piece of paper that tells other people we truly love each other, because if you ever saw us together, it'd be pretty freaking obvious. i live with my fiance & our bff and i love it. we just moved into our house about a month ago. it's epic. i work full time at a company i hate, but i love my clients. i'm pagan, bisexual, and i state my opinion a LOT, so if you don't like what you've read so far, don't add me.

things i love : world of warcraft (i play both horde and alliance, but my main's a night elf rogue<3), magic the gathering, dungeons & dragons(noob), playing mario kart on gamecube with my bff, champions of norrath, everquest2, shiny things, hello kitty, diet dr. pepper, mermaids, faeries, trueblood, desperate housewives, criminal minds, law & order SVU, man vs. food, anything paranormal, anything fantasy.

things i don't love : ignorant assholes, racism, homophobia, holy rollers, waking up early, working at a dead end job, immature people.

extended information & pictures on my journal and whatnot. i'm pretty chill & always want new friends<3 but i do like to add people that i share common interests with & i won't add anyone that talks about doing excessive amounts of drugs:(

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